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ScalarPrana Primer – Englisch

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    This book is a must-read for those with no background in energy healing.  Explore different subtle bodies, channels, and chakras and learn to access your extrasensory faculties for a first-hand experience of the human energy system.

    ScalarPrana Human Energy System by Fe Pacheco is the foundational text of a workshop of the same title and a dozen other ScalarPrana courses. It introduces to the beginning student the concept of Light as life energy or prana, and scalar energy from the standpoint of science. The same Light forms the invisible, non-physical side of the human body, which this book explores. Scientific experiments and discoveries validating the existence of different aspects of this system are cited whenever relevant. As much as the human body is beautifully complex--from the tiniest cell to the intricate electrical wiring in the brain--the unseen side of us is likewise an amazing interplay of energies. The author delves into the different subtle bodies, channels, and the 16 chakras while at the same time sharing with the reader how to access his extrasensory faculties with easy-to-follow exercises for a first-hand experience of the human energy system. If this is your first time to encounter energy, brace yourself as you step into the portal of a new, exciting universe—your own human energy system.

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